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The surrounding area and events

The surrounding area and territory are rich in history without forgetting that in less than 20 minutes it is possible to reach Vicenza, the city of Palladio, with all of its art work and museums. It is not only a beautiful place of historic art, but also the site that offers numerous other type of events which will further make your stay enjoyable; amongst the many events we highlight the theatrical season in Vicenza, the Jazz festival (May), the festival of “Dei Oto” (September).


In addition to its artistic beauty Vicenza is a very important touristic destination due to its strategic geographic position. In fact from Vicenza it is possible to reach in a short period of time numerous centre’s of historic and artistic places such as Venice, Verona, Padova and areas of natural beauty such as the little Dolimites, Garda Lake or the Laguna.


Cultural visits

The town of Castelgomberto.
The town hall of Castelgomberto
Places to visit


Itineraries for walking & cycling in the Castelgomberto hills
This itinerary follows the southern area of the commune, following the flat countryside, then goes up to Monteschiavi, and subsequently to go down to the end of the Onte valley and returning to the old road to Vicenza. We are looking at approx 10 kilometers of paths and secondary roads with a height difference of around 250 meters, the distance can be covered in 3 hours walking and 1 hour in mountain bike.

Montepulgo – Valdilonte
This itinerary follows the hills north of Castelgomberto, across areas of geological, naturalistic, historical, ethnographical interests and stunning landscapes. We are looking at approx 15 kilometers of paths and secondary road with a height difference of around 500 meters, the distance can be covered in 4-5 hours walking and 1.5 hours in mountain bike.

Le Poscole
This itinerary goes across the countryside north of Castelgomberto, an ancient reclaimed marsh, rich resurgences and ditch and flora and fauna typical of wetlands.
The route is flat and allows easy trips either on foot or by bicycle, although partially in the dirt it is better to pay attention to motor traffic.



Fairs and gatherings

Vicenza fair


Gatherings in Vicenza and its province




Askoll S & J srl
Via Frà Mioli 12 - MONTEVIALE (VI)
Tel.: 0444 552260


Allevamento Ongaresca
Via Monte Cimone 10 - COSTABISSARA (VI)
Tel.: 0444 971187


For Horses srl
Tel.: 0445 581242



Golf courses

Golf Club Vicenza Villa degli Olmi
Via Carpaneda, 5 - Creazzo (VI)
Tel.: 0444 340448


Golf Club Colli Berici
Via Monti Comunali, 1 - Brendola (VI)
Tel.: 0444 601780


Golf Ca' Daffan
Via Fratta Alta, 15 - Arzignano (VI)
0444 672735


Bassano Golf Club
Via Lanzarini, 15 - Romano d'Ezzelino (VI)
Tel.: 0424 574314


Golf Club Asiago
Via Meltar, 2, - Asiago (VI)
0424 462721